Fun Casinos

Our fun casino has continually proved successful with guests of any age in any social or corporate function. It is totally flexible and can be run at any point in the evening to suit itinerary of the individual programme.

Sample Itinerary:

Our casino evenings are infinitely flexible and can be run at any time during your event. A typical evening would run as follows:

  1. Prior to your guests arriving our casino would be set up in a separate room (if possible) close to where they would be dining. If a separate room is not available it could be set up in the dining room itself prior to your guests arrival. Using our unique experience to set up the tables, the room’s attributes are accentuated with the use of pot plants and spot lighting to illuminate the tables.
  2. During coffee our Event Manager will welcome your guests to the casino and give a short introduction on the games and our croupiers will distribute the fun money, which usually takes the form of a 100 pound note. We can also provide personalised fun money i.e. “we promise to pay the bearer 100 ‘Jaguar’ Sovereigns” – please call for details.
  3. Guests will then be encouraged to take their newly acquired fun money to the tables and exchange them, with the croupiers, for gaming chips.
    Our professionally trained croupiers will explain all the rules and procedures of the games to your guests
  4. All the fun of a casino and friendly competition is bound to ensue!
  5. Approximately 15 minutes before the end of the evening (usually lasting 1½ – 2 hours) our Event Manager announces, “last three spins” the betting normally becomes frantic as the players try to amass as many chips as they can.
  6. The casino then closes and our staff counts up to find the winner.
  7. Either our Casino Manager (or perhaps someone from your organisation) will then award the prize to the lucky winner.